Evening Gathering Packages

We understand that many families need an opportunity to gather and have a time with their loved one before cremation occurs. Our Evening Gathering packages allow for family and friends to gather, remember and reflect.

Included in this package:

Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff, Filing of Death Certificate, Social Security Notification, Obtaining Cremation Permits, Initial Transportation of Remains to Funeral Home, Standard Embalming, Dressing and Casketing, 3 Hour Viewing at Our Facility, Basic Register Book, Cremation Fee (Remains less than 299 lbs.), Temporary Container for Cremated Remains, Free Obituary at Our Website, Free U.S. Flag, if applicable.

HarmonyTotal Package Price  $2,525

Total Package Price  $2,525

Cloth covered fiberboard
Vista DriftwoodTotal Package Price    $2,595

Vista Driftwood
Total Package Price    $2,595

  • Corrugated fiberboard construction
vista patriottotal package price $2,595

vista patriot
total package price $2,595

  • Corrugated fiberboard construction
Emerson BlueTotal Package Price  $2,695

Emerson Blue
Total Package Price  $2,695

Cloth covered fiberboard
Carrolton golden oaktotal package price $2,895

Carrolton golden oak
total package price $2,895

   Printed corrugated fiberboard construction  

Walton Total Package Price  $2,995

Total Package Price  $2,995   

Wood Veneer
SavannahTotal Package Price  $3,095

Total Package Price  $3,095

Wood Veneer

Norfolk PineTotal Package Price  $3,195

Norfolk Pine
Total Package Price  $3,195

Wood Veneer
105 HardwoodTotal Package Price  $3,895

105 Hardwood
Total Package Price  $3,895

Hardwood Veneer
105 Hardwood CherryTotal Package Price $3,895

105 Hardwood Cherry
Total Package Price $3,895

Hardwood Veneer

Additional Items:

Preparation of Autopsied Remains / Tissue or Bone Donor Case - $250

Viewing at Your Church or Other Facility - $250

Use of Chapel for Viewing: $300 Small Chapel (125 People)  $660 Large Chapel (250 People)

Saturday Viewing or Service - $250

Sunday/ Holiday Viewing or Service - $500

Death Certificates 1st Copy - $ 21

Each Additional Copy - $4

Urn - $90/up 

Newspaper Notices

Oversize Cremation Fee - $250/up

Oversize Cremation Container - $595/ up